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Get back into the swing of CPE with a series of 2-hour and 6-hour tax seminars taught in May and early June (all by Mark Vogel). These seminars are special:

  • They are not taught in this format any other time;
  • The 2-hour seminars cost only $50 each if you want continuing education credit ($100 for 6-hour Tax Cuts and Jobs Act);
  • They are FREE if you buy the 2018 PASS;
  • They are FREE if you attend online and choose not to receive continuing education credit (no advance registration, no individualized login, no attendance record kept).

For course descriptions, please see the Seminar Calendar (specified seminars only). You must attend at the stated time (not available on demand).

If you want to receive credit for attending, you must register in advance, log in to your personal account on the website to attend, and respond to the "Are you there" prompts. 

To try CPE4U online for FREE, without continuing education credit, do not register and do not log in. Just come to this page on the day of the class and click on the course name below. 

If you attend using the links below there will be no record kept of your attendance, and you cannot change your mind later and receive credit. 

Wed., June 6, 2018
9:30-3:30 MDT
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Handouts


CPE4U Colorado provides continuing professional education seminars for accountants, attorneys, enrolled agents, Tax Return Preparers, and Certified Financial Planners (Year 2018 Tax Update only) in Denver and other cities in Colorado. These classes range from two hours to two days in duration and are scheduled on weekdays from May 1, 2018, through February 7, 2019. Almost all classes taught in our own classrooms are also broadcast live over the Internet.

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